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  • Are you ready to break through with your business, but not really sure of the next step?
  • Do you juggle so many roles and make pivotal decisions, but stay so busy that you never make the time to focus and create a clear vision, a solid plan that moves you forward?

If you’re feeling like a fraud, paddling furiously to try to stay afloat, hoping no one notices… I can help.

When you’re struggling with these challenges, you don’t have time for woo-woo and fairy dust. You want someone with real-world experience and tools to help you clarify your path to success. You want someone who can help you untie the knots that are stopping you from moving forward.


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Kay W.

Business Owner, Happy Salon

When I started with Sherrie my business was a mess. I didn't have anyone to bounce my thoughts off of so I just scrambled all the time with no real focus, you know - that old story of working in your business, not on your business. Every time I saw the session with Sherrie on my calendar I would think "I don't have time for that!” But every time I would finish the call with her I had such a clear vision of what my next steps were and had so many aha thoughts. It was totally worth it. She helped me focus my thoughts, gave me the skills and words to be able to handle team issues as they came up, and gave me so much more confidence in my ability to be a true leader of my company.

Before I always felt like a fraud. I didn't know how to create a plan that really engaged my employees, my only line of credit was to overdraft my checking account, and I was just struggling to keep my head above water. Now my team is happier, my profits are up double digits, and bankers are calling me saying they want me to be their client.

All that happened while I've been taking more time off and feeling less stressed. I just took my first extended vacation in years and while I was gone the business ticked along beautifully.

Working with Sherrie changed my business and my belief in myself. I would recommend Sherrie to any business owner who wants the same.

Callie O.

Business Owner, EventVines

When I first started working with Sherrie, I was about to launch my new business, while also managing other part-time jobs. I was juggling several roles, making pivotal decisions and working all hours of the day.

With Sherrie's guidance, I was empowered to make mindful choices that helped me move out of fog and into the light. With each coaching session, Sherrie helps identify the "knots" that need addressing. We then "untie" those knots, implement a solution and move forward. Sherrie's coaching has helped me tremendously and working with her has been such a blessing.

I highly recommend her coaching program for anyone who desires to achieve their highest potential.

Sarah E.

Sales, PEO

I was worried I was going to get fired. I had been successful before but switched companies but was really struggling at my new company. 

I started working with Sherrie because she gave real world answers. With every session, I got actual action steps that could help. Plus she was a great sounding board, she let me talk stuff out. Her help wasn’t just with sales. I had an issue with my internal office and building remote relationships and she helped me navigate those shark-infested waters.

Complete honesty here… She talked me off the ledge a couple of times. 

Now I’m number 1 in the company. My attitude is way more confident in what I do. I’m able to reframe things so I get people who want to work with me rather than butt heads. I was doubting myself. I was like, “Man I’ve done this for 17 years but I don’t know if I‘m good at it”. And now I know I’m good at it. 

I should say something prophetic about working with her, but the bottom line is, expect to get better at what you do.

Book your complementary discovery session.

We’ll explore where you are now and where you want to be, and I'll give concrete action steps that will help you move forward.

Sherrie English offers coaching services through her affiliation with Dynamic Directions. Click here for more information.