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Business Coaching With Sherrie English

Discovery Session

During our Discovery Session, we’ll explore where you are now and where you want to be. I’ll listen closely and ask questions to clarify that I understand what your goals are and what seems to be stopping you. At the end of our session I’ll give concrete action steps, based on my experience and training, that will help you move forward.

If it makes sense for us to work together we can set up our next sessions. Together we’ll determine
whether you prefer to go month by month payment plan or commit to a longer program. Some clients are
only working on a few issues and prefer the month to month. Other clients are in the midst of ongoing
long-term goals and prefer to commit longer than one month. Either way, I’ll explain the differences so
you can make an informed choice.

Initial Session

Before your Initial Session you’ll receive worksheets to help you more clearly define what you’d like to create in your life. During the first few sessions, we’ll make sure your values and goals are in alignment, so decisions and actions will naturally flow from those values and goals. The blueprint we create for your long term goals will serve as guidance for our ongoing sessions.

Ongoing Sessions

Each Ongoing Session starts with a review of your world since our last session, and update on the action items that you’ve been working on, and a discussion of what you’d like to focus on during the upcoming session. Most clients like to take notes to help them process the information. If you’re feeling frustrated or confused about your path after you’ve created your blueprint, the first thing we’ll look at is making sure your ultimate stated goals are still a fit for where you are today. If it needs to
be tweaked, we will adjust accordingly. If your blueprint is still on target, it’s probably either a mindset or a skillset issue. We’ll dig into the issue and resolve the challenge.

Speaking of issues- I’d like to be clear that coaching is not therapy. My goal is to move you forward to your goal. If at any point in our conversations we feel the challenges you face are based in issues that are better suited for therapy, I’ll be happy to refer you to a licensed therapist or support group.

At the end of the session, we’ll determine which action steps will best move you towards your goals. You’ll receive an email from me immediately after the session outlining what you’re agreed to action steps are to help us stay accountable. Some typical action steps would involve researching a solution, reflecting on a belief system, or taking small action steps that will move you towards your larger goals.


Each client is different and depending on the complexity of your goals and challenges, you’ll feel complete usually somewhere between one to six months of coaching. We’ll be celebrating your victories, and you’ll have fewer knots to untie. Your business will be moving forward ahead of your goals, and your team will be driving towards your ultimate vision. That’s the sign that you no longer need regular coaching sessions. We can cut back to quarterly, semi-annual, or periodic check-ins to make sure you’re still on your path to success. If the need for coaching ever arises again, I’ll be right here.

Book your complementary discovery session.

We’ll explore where you are now and where you want to be, and I'll give concrete action steps that will help you move forward.

Sherrie English offers coaching services through her affiliation with Dynamic Directions. Click here for more information.